CRAIG HOPSON, Executive Chef

A true Aussie with a cool, laid-back style and salt-air tousled hair, Chef Craig Hopson hails from a small town outside of Perth called Geraldton. As a teenager, dreaming of becoming a professional surfer, he stumbled upon a restaurant job that allowed him to surf during the day and work at night. Awakening a natural talent in the kitchen, that job turned into a career and a lifelong passion for cooking. He soon traded in his surfboard for four years of culinary education and apprenticeships around the country. Passionate to learn more, he then moved to Europe to train at some of the Europe’s best restaurants, including several with Three Michelin Stars. Continuing his culinary journey, he subsequently moved to the United States, where he was immediately recognized as a rising star and was sought after to lead several notable kitchens in New York. Ultimately, his desire to again find sun and surf again brought him to Los Angeles.

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Craig Hopson