The Strand House Culinary Masters Series was created to bring the world's best chefs, food and wine right here to our "House" in Manhattan Beach. Michael Zislis has arranged a creative roster of guest talent to prepare very special dinners in The Strand House kitchen, working side by side with our very own top chefs Neal Fraser and Greg Hozinsky.

A limited number of events and seats are planned for each year, and these exclusive dinners promise to provide flavors and experiences you won't find anywhere else. Our Culinary Masters dinners sell out quickly, so please call 310-545-7470 for reservations.

Eric Ziebold

Eric Ziebold | Oct 13
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Matt Lightner

Matt Lightner | May 19
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John Sedlar

John Sedlar | Apr 7
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Curtis Duffy

Curtis Duffy | Feb 10
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John Besh

John Besh | Dec 9
August / Lüke
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Suzanne Goin

Suzanne Goin | Oct 28
a.o.c. / Lucques
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Tory McPhail

Tory McPhail | Oct 7
Commander's Palace
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Jonathan Benno

Jonathan Benno | Sep 23
Lincoln Ristorante
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Rick Tramonto

Rick Tramonto | Jun 17
Tramonto Steak & Seafood
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Timothy Hollingsworth

Timothy Hollingsworth | May 20
Formerly of The French Laundry
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Douglas Keane

Douglas Keane | Apr 29
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Alain Giraud

Alain Giraud | Mar 11
Maison Giraud
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Nancy Silverton

Nancy Silverton | Feb 11
Osteria Mozza
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Matt Molina

Matt Molina | Feb 11
Osteria Mozza
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Ben Ford

Ben Ford | Nov 12, 2012
Ford's Filling Station
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Jose Garces

Jose Garces | Oct 29, 2012
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Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman | Oct 1, 2012
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Michael Cimarusti

Michael Cimarusti | Sep 10, 2012
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Walter Manzke

Walter Manzke | Aug 20, 2012
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Josiah Citrin

Josiah Citrin | March 19, 2012
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